Sunday, March 25, 2012

Determination, very 1st time

my recent weight, 88KG, officially! am so proud of myself, everyone asking consultation from, lol! advice lah not consultation, hehehe!

in fact, there are some problem such as, i addicted to cafein for no reason, not no reason, but damn this bad habit, i did try to quit this bad habit, seem very hard and am still working on it, always tomorrow's business. shit.

use to consume cup of nescafe + kopi ais daily, now already worsen till 2 nescafe + 1 white coffee. thus, still couldnt quit this freaky habit, trying to get rid of it.

am so cheerful for weight lost, although the result aren't perfect, but at least satisfy. ok, back to this theme's main issue. i wanna be a hunk. at least 80percent look alike nakata's body, really freaking admire him = )

just check on the ideal weight-ing calculation, my ideal weight still 30kgs 18kg away, compare with last year PEAK time, erm, its about 28kgs away, who say its impossible ? i am posible!

do it now or do it later, do it now ,achieve now, do it later, achieve late or gone totally , so buck up, 3 more kgs to go before month end, ATB!

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