Sunday, March 25, 2012

Determination, very 1st time

my recent weight, 88KG, officially! am so proud of myself, everyone asking consultation from, lol! advice lah not consultation, hehehe!

in fact, there are some problem such as, i addicted to cafein for no reason, not no reason, but damn this bad habit, i did try to quit this bad habit, seem very hard and am still working on it, always tomorrow's business. shit.

use to consume cup of nescafe + kopi ais daily, now already worsen till 2 nescafe + 1 white coffee. thus, still couldnt quit this freaky habit, trying to get rid of it.

am so cheerful for weight lost, although the result aren't perfect, but at least satisfy. ok, back to this theme's main issue. i wanna be a hunk. at least 80percent look alike nakata's body, really freaking admire him = )

just check on the ideal weight-ing calculation, my ideal weight still 30kgs 18kg away, compare with last year PEAK time, erm, its about 28kgs away, who say its impossible ? i am posible!

do it now or do it later, do it now ,achieve now, do it later, achieve late or gone totally , so buck up, 3 more kgs to go before month end, ATB!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

E very Thing

slow, damn the NPL, damn the BNM, damn the BLR, damn the DSR, damn all those asshole makin market slower

maintain, my weight only stay in between 88-90kg, how i am gonna go till 85kg this month end

getting lesser, like my hair, new friend come and go, old friend come and go. sien

haha. stupid post = )

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I AM BACK! it is time for self-evaluation = ))

chapter I life
my life, never stop challenging me everyday, to me, everyday is a brand new day, i will keep on learning = )
my life, never stop me from compare with my peers, everyday i heard good news from them, hope 1 day, my turn for the good headline from my side
my life, never stop give me chances for learning, and i do has a good platform for it,I truly grateful on it

chapter II achievement
achieve- on my job, didn't see any improvement, which mean, i still have tons of space of improvement
achieve- on me, hair getting lesser, weight drop too, thanks to my best buddy since form 1 (latest: 88.4kg)
achieve- on networking, erm, must put extra hard work in it*** ( must do!)

chapter III objectives
goal, i put s behind this title, because of , i have some real dreams to achieve, sadly, still nil, but yet to realize = )
to do list:
* seek for doctor who able to consult on my hair problem
* keep on diet plan, and well self dicipline
* job wise, do it wisely of course, time is running out
* quit sugar, quit beer, quit wine, just noticed that wine and beer have kinda similarity of calories =(
* get myself ML starwalker, lol!

chapter IV plans
* from march onward, benchmark today, change a new ride if do really necessarily, in 6 months time
* purchase a house before year 2014
* find a partner, business partner, or life time partner, hehehe!

anyhow. enough for this round updates, wanna shout this to myself
" YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!! "


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

mortgage- year one-> one year

been in this field for 1yr, i am year 2 rookie now, yipee! =)

flash back*

there was a year ago hired by my ex-bos, who just joined another company, left us behind. is just like HAHA

but, to be frank, without him, i will not be here, and tough

there were ups and downs, joy and sorrow for the year 2011

and the only thing i wanna say, i will keep on survive = )

blessed, steven

Sunday, February 19, 2012

hello year 2012

everyone thinks that 2012 will be end of the world, i don't get it, you guys trust this kind of prediction and prophet talks? sorry, not cup of my tea, i just wanna shout it out, i see my year 2012 IS A GOOD YEAR!!!!

i had an unpredictable awful past year, i thought that my heart is quite tough,in fact, i still need peoples out there back me up. Anyhow, the hardest time had already past, i am kinda looking forward to REALIZE my resolutions for year 2012 =)

just notice lotsa of my friends no longer active in for blogs, tweet. most of the multimedia activist switch to facebooker. besides, i am quite active in FB!

checklist for now
* save money
*slim down
*cari gf
*more plan


Sunday, October 23, 2011


i just uploaded my school time pics, everyone was so shocked. what is actually happened to myself.

i gained 30kgs for the passed 2 years, no joke, 30kgs. i plan N times for slim down, it never happen, ha ha.

bought a set of slim down plan, but never keep on going, mindset problem. always think another way round. too conservative. to fear to accept failure.

fucking hate myself when i was in fitting room testing jean. i couldnt wear these beautiful clothes for this fucking obesity probe.

thin never is my word, but i dont want fat following me forever. kinda down recently, but yet, i am surviving.

no matter how, i must go thru all this, and i BELIEVE!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

I-THINK (我 想)

第一次,用中文寫下自己的心情, 感覺還挺特別的, 看來我的中文語病不比英文來得少.

踏入社會,YEAR 2, 覺得原地自轉, 徘徊再懷疑自身的能力. 永遠被弱點支配, 發覺自己還不成熟, 悲哀

明瞭不狠, 不振, 不變通, 在社會, 等著好像 AMERICA'S GOT TALENT 那樣被當掉.

KIASU?KIASI? 下意識認同這兩個現代化理念. 'kiasi=self protecting, don't get me wrong'

藉口?因人而異吧. 自律,決心, 總是比較少了些. 通病 or 認命?

如果把魔嘼世界的HERO DESCRIBE MY ULTIMATE, 有兩招,逃避和自我矮化.

這不是EMO POST, BUT, 最近的心情寫照. 感慨偽人遠勝偉人. 我, 斗不過現實.